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Wine & Wineries is a site devoted to those who love wine and enjoy visiting the great wineries that make them. We provide value not only to the wine lovers but the wineries as well. If you represent a winery, this page and associated pages are designed to help you understand how to maximize the benefit of Wine & Wineries.

Open, Collaborative and Free

Wine & Wineries is an open and collaborative site. While much of the information has been added and maintained by our staff, we encourage wineries and anyone interested in wine to add, update and correct the information available on the site. To contribute, just create an account. It is simple and free.

Types of Information

To maximize the benefit of this site for your winery, it is important to understand the types of information available and how it is organized.


A winery is an organization that produces wines. A winery has characteristics such as:

There is a separate winery page for each winery on this site. The winery page serves as the "home page" for the winery on the site.


A brand (label) is a name used in the marketing of its wines, such as "Acme Wines". In the simplest case, the brand name the same as the winery's name or a simple variation of it.

A brand is associated with a single winery and a winery can have one or more brands associated with it. There is a separate brand page for each brand defined on this site.


A wine is a name and common characteristics shared by one or more wine vintages. If you produce a "Napa Valley Chardonnay" in 2010, 2011 and 2012 then the wine (as used on this site) is "Napa Valley Chardonnay". A wine can have several characteristics, such as:

A wine is associated with a single brand and a brand can have multiple wines assocated with it. There is a separate wine page for each wine defined on this site.


A wine vintage is a specific production of a wine, such as a 2010 Napa Valley Chardonay. A vintage has characteristics such as:

A vintage is associated with a single wine (see above) and a wine can have multiple wines associated with it. There is a separate vintage page for each wine vintage defined on this site.


A winery location is a place associated with the winery, such as a tasting room or winery production facility. Typically only locations that are ever open to the public (even occasionally) should be included. A location has characteristics such as:

A location is typically associated with a single winery but can be associated with several (shared facilities). There is a separate location page for each location defined on this site.

Activity or Amenity

An activity or amenity is something that a visitor might be interested is doing or using, such as wine tasting (activity) or outdoor seating (amenity). An activity has characteristics, such as:

A location can have multiple acitivities or amenities associated with it. There is a separate activity page for each activity or amenity defined on this site. Activities and amenities are relatively new to the site so not many locations have them listed yet. If you have an activity or amenity type not contained in our list, please contact the webmaster to suggest it.


An event is a special activity, such as live music, a winemaker's dinner or a special tasting opportunity. An event has characeristics, such as:

An event is associated with a single location and a location can have multiple events associated with it. There is a separate event page for each event defined on this site.


A schedule is a definition of when something is available, such as when a location is open. Our schedule capability supports hours by day of week, seasonal hour changes and holiday closings or hours. A schedule has characeristics, such as:

A schedule is associated with a single location, activity or event and each of those can have a single schedule. There is a separate schedule page for each schedule defined on this site.

Supporting Information

The following types of information are not associated with a specific winery but are used in the implementation of the site.

There is a separate page for each item of the above informatiopn types on this site.

Help Us to Help You

While we try to keep the information on the over 6,000 wineries available on this site updated and complete, that is simply not possiblle. We need your help. Please consider improving the information about your winery by:

  1. Create a free account by selecting "Register" from the site banner (top right)
  2. Locate the winery page for your winery by selecting "Wineries / Find Wineries By Name" from the site menu. See additional information in the winery page
  3. Review the available information on the winery page. Click on Edit button to the right of the "Overview" heading to make corrections or detect missing information. Click on Tips button for assistance.
  4. Review the wines listed. Wines were added to the site within the last year and many wineries still have few or no wines listed. Click on Add button to the right of the brand name to add a wine (available on either the winery page or brand page).
  5. Review the vintages list and add additional detail where needed.
  6. Review the location(s) for accuracy. Review the map location of the location page (click on the location name on the winery page) and adjust as necessary. Add activities and amentities for each location (on the location page). Review each location schedule (click on "Location Schedule" under the location") and update as necessary.
  7. Review any events and add scheduled events as necessary.
  8. Optional: On the winery page, like your page on Facebook.
  9. Optional: Interested to see what's happening at nearyby wineries? Click on Nearby button on the winery or location page to see up to 50 wineries near your location.
Should you encounter have questions or need help while reviewing and updating your informaiton, please contact the webmaster for assistance.

If you appreciate Wine & Wineries, please consider adding a link to your winery page on your website.