Winery Page

The winery page is the "home page" for a winery on this site. It provides basic contact information and summarizes information about the winery's wines and locations.

Finding a Winery Page

To find the winery page for a winery, select the "Wineries" menu from top of any page and select the "Find Wineries by Name" menu item. This will allow you to search the site for a winery by its name. If that is not sucessful (perhaps we have the wrong name for the winery) you can also search for wineries near a location by selecting "Wineries >> This Week at Nearby Wineries" from the menu and entering the location of the winery.

Adding a Winery

If you need to add a winery, please contact the webmaster to request the addition. Unfortunately there are some operations that can currently only be performed by our staff and this is one of them. Please provide the name of the winery to be added and we will respond to you shortly with a link to the newly added winery.

What's on the Page

You may find it useful to view a winery page in another window as you read this. If you don't have a specific winery in mind, you can open a random winery page. Many of the examples below were taken from "random wineries".

Navigation Bar

The winery navigation bar is at the top of the winery page and most other pages associated with this winery. The navigation bar identifies the winery by name and includes a menu bar for locating and adding additional information for this winery.

Click the Tips button button on the navigation bar for additional information.


The heading contains the name of the winery and allows the winery page to be liked on Facebook. A Next button link supports navigation to the next winery page (alphabetically).

Example Heading

Image and Description

An image and a short description can appear below the heading. If no image or description have been added placeholders will be displayed as shown below.

Placeholder Image and Description

Click Tips button for additional information. To add an image, click on the Add button button. Please add a high resolution image and our site will scale it appropriately for the page. To add or edit the description, click on Edit button. Adding an image and description can greatly improve the effectiveness of the winery page as shown in the example below.

Example Image and Description


This section contains basic information about the winery. This example does not show all of the possible fields because some fields are not displayed if empty.

Example Overview

Since a winery can have more than one location, location information is not included here and is shown below.


This section summarizes the brands, wines and vintages produced by this winery. Click Tips button for additional information.

Example Wines


In the simplest case the wine brand or label is just the name or the winery (or some slight variation of it). Some wineries use multiple brands and the wines will be grouped by brand on this site. In some cases we also use the brand to identify wine "collections" or "series" within a brand.


In this context, "Wine" refers to the name and common characteristics shared by one or more wine vintages. On this page, wines are shown in a table with a row for each wine.


The wine vintage describes a specific wine vintage produced by the winery. A vintage is idetified by the harvest year or "NV" for non-vintage wines.


This section summarizes the locations for this winery. The location name, address, activities and amenities and a one week location schedule summary is shown for each location.

There are separate pages for each location, activity, and location schedule containing additional details.

Example Locations